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Internationally Trained & Certified Endodontist,
Ready To Serve You!

Dr. Caithlin Williams-Beecher is the premiere professional for Root Canal Treatment in the Caribbean!

About Dr. Caithlin Williams-Beecher,
Canadian Board-Certified Endodontist

Dr. Caithlin Williams-Beecher, affectionately known as the 'Endoqueen', is the first and only Canadian Board-Certified Endodontist in Jamaica. She is a fellow in the International College of Dentists, the International Academy for Dental and Facial Esthetics, and the Royal College of Dentists of Canada (RCDC). Her professional memberships include the American Association of Endodontists, Canadian Academy of Endodontics, Jamaica Dental Association and Jamaica Association for Public Dental Surgeons. 

She is the Consultant Endodontist for the Ministry of Health & Wellness in Jamaica and operates at the private practice, Emirates Facial and Dental Implant Center, in Kingston, Jamaica. 

Dr. Williams-Beecher is internationally trained, certified and ready to serve you!

Dr Caithlin Williams-Beecher | Endodontist in Jamaica
Crown - Endoqueen
Dr Caithlin Williams-Beecher | Endodontist in Jamaica
Who is Caithlin?


How can I put my appreciation into words? In December 2021, I was losing sleep and sanity to a sledgehammer of pain in my right jaw. Munching surgery-grade pain-killers like candy...
Dr. Caithlin Williams-Beecher with root canal treatment patient
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Root canal treatment is an often-straightforward procedure to relieve dental pain and infection and save your teeth. 

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With proper care, a root canal treated tooth can last a lifetime but in some cases a tooth may not heal or may become diseased once again. When this happens, you may have another chance to save the tooth by doing retreatment. 

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It is possible that a nonsurgical root canal procedure will not be enough to save your tooth and that your endodontist will recommend surgery.

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