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Who is Dr. Caithlin Williams-Beecher, DMD, MS?

Dr. Caithlin Williams-Beecher hails from the garden parish of St. Ann, where from an early age, she prepared to serve through family, church, and community under the nurture of her parents and grandmother.


In 2010 she matriculated to the University of Technology, Jamaica, where she was in the first cohort of students in the Doctor of Medical Dentistry programme. Upon graduation in 2015, she became one of the first dental surgeons trained on Jamaican soil. She topped her graduating class with the highest honours, earning the University’s Presidential Pin for academic excellence. In her undergraduate years, she amassed a host of other awards for both clinical and academic excellence, including the Dr Gary Glassman Endodontics Award for academic and clinical proficiency in Endodontics.


With this passion for endodontics, she desired to pursue further training in Endodontics. She applied to the University of Toronto, Canada (U of T), where she was accepted to do her MSc. in Endodontics. Again, this made her a pioneer as she became the first Jamaican dentist trained on local soil to complete a specialist programme in dentistry (2021).


While at the U of T, she served as the Chief Endodontics resident and an undergraduate clinical instructor. During training, she gained respect and admiration from her U of T peers and faculty for her friendly personality, professionalism, and superior clinical skills. Dr Williams-Beecher is now the first and only Canadian Board-Certified Endodontist in Jamaica. She is a fellow in the International College of Dentists, the International Academy for Dental and Facial Esthetics, and the Royal College of Dentists of Canada (RCDC). Her professional memberships include the American Association of Endodontists, Canadian Academy of Endodontics, Jamaica Dental Association and Jamaica Association for Public Dental Surgeons.


Dr Williams-Beecher has a heart of service and pushes for the best in patient care. She does this in the capacity of working as the Consultant Endodontist for the Ministry of Health & Wellness, Jamaica, and in private practice at Emirates Facial and Dental Implant Center.


She is a loving wife and a proud mother, priding herself on family and work-life balance while giving back to church and the community.

Dr Caithlin Williams-Beecher & Team | Jamaican Endodontist

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Dr Caithlin Williams-Beecher with patient | Jamaican Endodontist

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Logo - Dr Caithlin Williams-Beecher & Team | Jamaican Endodontist

C. Baker

How can I put my appreciation into words? In December 2021, I was losing sleep and sanity to a sledgehammer of pain in my right jaw. Munching surgery-grade pain-killers like candy.


Then my dentist recommended Emirates Facial as a last resort. 'They are really new, so I'm not sure but give them a try.'


From the point of consultation to facilitating pain removal on the same day Dr. C. Williams-Beecher and her fabulous team made my Christmas, New Years and 2022 great!


Sashane followed up with post-op care to the point of personally delivering my receipt for the insurance claim.


Honestly, after being hung up on by other endodontist offices, I could not recommend anywhere else. Ever!! Kudos and thanks to Dr. Williams-Beecher and the Emirates Facial team!


PS. thanks for the mug :)

D. Wickham

Hello Dr. Williams-Beecher,

I wanted to tell you that I never had a good report of a root canal. So much so that I thought I would need to apply for days off from work in order to do this procedure. 

You made the process so seamless. I was even able to attend a virtual meeting during the procedure which if we may boast is unheard of.  I knew I was in safe hands the moment you started playing those uplifting gospel songs and what is certain is, you really love what you do.  You are now officially my only recommendation for root canals. Lol.  

It was a pleasure and may God continue to bless you for greater things. 

Thanks again.

R. Barr

Emirates Facial and Dental Implant Center is the place to go. I did a root canal treatment and God knows I was afraid because of how others spoke about root canal treatment. Emirates Facial and Dental Implant Center has changed my perception of dentistry.

Customer service top class … which included voice, tone, caring,

understanding, empathy and
patience 5/5

Follow-up with appointments and the insurance companies, second to none 5/5

The anaesthetics 6/5

The outline of treatment plan by Dr. Williams-Beecher and the patient’s input on the way forward was a WOW factor for me 6/5

After care 5/5

I fully recommend Emirates Facial and Dental Implant Center.

S. Grey

Dr. Caithlin Williams-Beecher was very good and gentle. She dealt with me very professionally and
explained along the way - answered all the questions that I asked. Her nurse, nurse Shaw, was excellent
and worked alongside Dr. Beecher hand in hand. Overall no complaints. Appreciated all they did for
me especially being able to see me and accomplish my root canal. The front desk lady Danielle made
all of this possible. Very professional on the phone. Spoke so well and was helpful.

C. Clarke

Dear Dr. Caithlin, thanks for the treatment today. I thought you were very professional. The
treatment was well explained with all the available options. Infection control was excellent. The procedure went seamlessly with minimal discomfort which could not be avoided. Very friendly atmosphere. You and your team were great. 5 stars. Thank you.

S. Williamson

Staff was very polite and friendly. Dr. Caithlin Williams-Beecher was also very nice and welcoming.
She took note of everything that was wrong with my teeth and made sure to do a careful
assessment of everything that could be possibly wrong. It was a very good experience and I felt
confident during the appointment, especially since I was afraid of going to the dentist. Dr. Williams-Beecher was also very gentle.

M. Meredith

My first visit to Dr. Williams-Beecher’s office was an amazing, comforting experience from entry to the reception area through to being reclined in the dental chair. The nurse introduced herself, made my fear disappear and Dr. Williams-Beecher was the epitome of calm. I was very comfortable and certainly will look forward to my treatment with the team.

In need of Root Canal Treatment?

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